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watercolor on canvas
inspired by Robert Frost's poem
"The Road Not Taken"
P.G. grade 6 - 2017

My goal is to develop students' artistic talents and creativity in a variety of multicultural styles, broadening their understanding and knowledge of art in all forms and expose them to well-known work as well as obscure, rare or unusual art.

Deneen Underwood began teaching art at College Center Montessori School in La Mesa, CA in 2004. Currently, she resides in the Pittsburgh area and teaches after school and summer camp art programs throughout the year.

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Classroom, After School & Summer Camps
A multicultural approach provides an opportunity for students to learn and appreciate art worldwide from past to present, aiming to develop the artistic talents and creativity of children in a variety of mediums and multicultural styles. Pedagogy includes principles of constructivism, discovery, experiential learning, and emphasis on independence. Through praxis and pastiche, students enhance their cognitive, visual, critical thinking, and hand-eye coordination skills.

Project themes provide students the opportunity to interpret art from around the world, revealing the student's personal perception of themselves and world cultures. Students notice a connection between art projects and classroom curriculum in subjects such as literature, geography, math, music, history, and science. It is amazing to see students' artistic achievements as their imaginations come to life through art.

Curriculum maps, strategies, and sequences for projects reflecting cultural and art-making traditions, architecture, native crafts, art movement timelines, and historical events from around the world using a variety of mediums and substrates.


Multicultural Art I and II
Art History from Around the World
Dreamscapes & Literature
The Art of Science
Art and Music
Art and Literature
Exploring Art
Adventures in Art and Art in Motion
Discovering Art
Art Expressions
Street Art
Movements - African Art
Movements - Japanese Art
Movements - South Pacific Art
Movements - European Art
Movements - North American Art
Movements - South American Art
Artist Studies
Avant Garde
Seven Natural Wonders of the World
Recycled Art Projects
Multimedia, Photography and Animation
Shakespeare Comedies - Performance

Scholastic Books Magic School Bus "Create a Cover" Nationwide Contest
2012 - 1 Grand Prize Winner grades 3-6

Del Mar Fair - Best if K-6 Schools Exhibit
2012 - Award of Excellence
2011 - Best in Show

Helix Water District Poster Contest
2012 - 1st place K-3, 2nd place 4-6, 3rd place K-3
2011 - 1st place 4-6, 1st, 2nd & 3rd places K-3
2010 - 3rd place 4-6, 1st place K-3
2009 - 4th place winner grades K-3

Los Angeles Metropolitan Water District
One poster accepted each year in their water conservation calendar - 2010, 2011, 2012

San Diego Museum of Art Biennial Young Art
2011 Making Multiples - 4 pieces accepted
2009 Expressing Literature - 4 pieces accepted
2007 Expressing Color - 2 pieces accepted




References & Clearances available upon request.
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