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Art Instructor 2017 - present
Carnegie Boys and Girls Club, Carnegie, PA

Curriculum, planning, instruction, and display for fine art after school and summer camp programs with group projects auctioned at annual Comedy and Trivia Nights.

  • 2020-21 - Visualizing Music
  • 2019 - Art of Science
  • 2019 - Exploring Art
  • 2018 - Seven Famous Landmarks
  • 2018 - Seven Modern Man-Made Wonders of the World
  • 2018 - Seven Ancient Man-Made Wonders of the World
  • 2018 - Dreamscapes & Literature
  • 2018 - Seven Natural Wonders of the World
  • 2018 - Multicultural Series II
  • 2018 - History of Art
  • 2017 - Puppetry
  • 2017 - Multicultural Series I

Art Instructor and Animator June, 2017
Carnegie Borough Recycled Art Initiative, Carnegie, PA

  • Public education component for Act 101, Section 902 Municipal Recycling Program Grant.
  • Recycling outreach efforts - Carnegie Elementary Family Reading Night and the Boys and Girls Club of Carnegie.
  • Wrote curriculum and taught recycled art projects that included plastic bag flowers, newspaper landscapes, and cardboard box portraits.
  • Coordinated contest, award ceremony, and public displays at the Carnegie Borough Building.
  • Created recycling education animation using Adobe Flash and recorded student narration.

Art Instructor June, 2017
Crafton Library, Crafton, PA

  • Kimono Landscape Project

Art and Shakespeare Instructor 2016 - present
Rosslyn Farms Community Club, Rosslyn Farms, PA

Curriculum, planning, instruction and art shows for fine art after school and summer camp art programs for elementary and teen students. Instruction and planning for adult painting classes in watercolor and acrylic. Shakespeare instruction for elementary students included casting, direction, script, costumes, instruction, props, and sound for a production of The Tempest.

  • 2019 - Art & Literature
  • 2019 - Street Art Extravaganza
  • 2018 - Puppetry
  • 2018 - Art of Science
  • 2017 - Exploring Art
  • 2017 - Dreamscapes & Literature
  • 2017 - Shakespeare's The Tempest
  • 2017 - Adult Painting Classes
  • 2017 - Multicultural Series II
  • 2016 - Multicultural Series I

Adjunct Professor 2014 - 2015
ITT Technical Institute, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Instruction based on ITT standard curriculum to implement methods, techniques, strategies, approaches, and resources to develop students' understanding of design media and techniques including real design work experiences.
  • Taught visual communication courses in design theory with projects and portfolio development using Adobe In-Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Project Manager.
  • Encouraged students to use creativity when developing their visual message by experimenting with design elements and principles, layout, typography, color and composition.

Fine Art, Shakespeare, and Cultural Studies Educator 2004 - 2012
College Center Montessori School, La Mesa, CA

Created an award-winning art department using a multi-cultural program that celebrated world cultures, integrated core curriculum and emphasized design principles. Pedagogy included Montessori principles of constructivism, discovery, experiential learning, and emphasis on independence. Through praxis, students enhanced their cognitive, visual, critical thinking, and hand-eye coordination skills.

  • 2011-12 - Expressions in Art
  • 2010-11 - Discovering Art
  • 2009-10 - Adventures in Art
  • 2008-09 - Exploring Art
  • 2007-08 - Art History from Around the World
  • 2006-07 - Art of Science
  • 2005-06 - A Celebration of World Cultures

Created a Shakespeare program using age-appropriate edited scripts of Shakespeare comedies. Designed and created props, masks, backdrops and over 100 time-period costumes.

  • 2012 - The Tempest
  • 2011 - The Taming of the Shrew
  • 2010 - Two Gentlemen of Verona
  • 2009 - A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • 2008 - Merry Wives of Windsor
  • 2007 - Love's Labour's Lost
  • 2006 - The Tempest

Implemented a cultural studies program that celebrated diversity and included different languages along with food, art, music, holidays and storytelling traditions.

for Curriculum Maps and Sequences

Art Making Traditions
  • North American art, painting, and textiles the Harlem Renaissance, Native Americans, Caribbean, and Appalachia.
  • Latin American art, painting, metal tooling, masks, and tapestries from South America, Meso America, and Central America.
  • European art, painting, tapestries, sculpture, masks, and architecture from current and past artists from western and eastern Europe.
  • African modern and tribal art, textiles, masks, painting, sculpture, and architecture from native artists.
  • Asian dynasty and modern art, painting, masks, shields, and architecture from current and past artists from India, Tibet, Mongolia, China, Thailand, and Japan.
  • South Pacific aboriginal and native art from the past and present including tapa, batik, parol, textile, and tifaifai.

Studies of artists past and present, famous and obscure from Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America, Asia, and South Pacific

  • Pablo Picasso, Wassily Kandinsky, Amedeo Modigliani, Salvador Dali, Gabriele Munter, Tonko Smokvina, Joan Miro, Maria Elena Vieira de Silva, Piet Mondrion, Brion Gysin, Damien Hirst, and Sonia Dulauney
  • Daniel Kinyanjui Amos, Gerard Bhengu, Sokari Douglas Camp, Abdoulaye Konate, Hardus Koekemoer, Tracey Rose, Dilomprizulike, Chidi Okoye, Daudi Tinga Tinga, Louis Khehla Maqhubela, and Ghada Amer
  • Andy Warhol, Jacob Lawrence, Georgia O'Keefe, Jackson Pollock, Aaron Douglas, Faith Ringgold, Patssi Valdez, Valerie Wolf, Elizabeth Murray, Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat, Julian Schnabel, and Stuart Davis
  • Frida Kahlo, Gabriela Aberastury, Fernando Botero, Leonora Carrington, Guillermo Meza, Carlos Orozco Romero, Maximo Laura, Tarsila de Amaral, Joaquin Torres Garcia, and Roberto Matta
  • Kameda Bosai, Trinh Khoa, Hiroshige Ando, Li Xiongcai, Fan Zeng, Nandalal Bose, Kim Ghong-hui, Lin Tianmiao, Mooglii ts Tsegmed, Wu Guanzhong, Ashok Sinha, and Hokusai Katsushika
  • Adam Oriti, Tanto Sutianto, Wayan Suarjiwatman, Grace Crowley, Kalisolaite 'Uhila, and Fatu Feu'u

Art Movement Studies from around the World
Medieval Art, Gothic, Renaissance, Impressionism, Expressionism, Fauvism, Surrealism, Pop, Modern, Abstract, and Contemporary.

Design Principles including:
Line, space, form and shape, pattern, value, texture, balance, emphasis, rhythm, unity, harmony, and color.

Techniques including:
Watercolor, acrylic, tempera, ink, Dr. Martin dyes, cut paper, wax resist, salt, hydro-dip, sfumato, chiaroscuro, perspective, caricatures, plein air, arashi shibori, negative space, monochromatic painting, impasto, quilling, and ink block.

Core Curriculum Integration

  • Illustrated fables, anthologies, classics, stories, tales, mythology, proverbs, and folklore from around the world
  • Illustrated literary devices such as onomatopoeia, diphthongs, and palindromes
  • Illustrated poetry such as diamonte, acrostics, and haiku
  • Abstracts inspired by disciplines of science such as botany, ornithology, ichthyology cartography, dactylography, and thermodynamics
  • Thaumatropes and tessellations
  • Musical Instruments
  • Geographic - flora, fauna, cityscapes, and landscapes


San Diego State University, San Diego, CA - Graduate Work in Art History
Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA - BA Visual Art and Design
Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA - AA Visual Communications

Shakespeare After All: The Later Plays - Harvard Extension School Online 2013
Open House for Educators - San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, CA 2008, 2009
Educators' Art Fair - San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, CA 2006, 2008

CARE Arts Seminar - San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, CA 2006