Work Experience - Teaching

2004 - 2012
College Center Montessori School, La Mesa, CA
Art / Shakespeare Teacher

Teaching Philosophy - Art
I created and implemented an award-winning art department using a multi-cultural program that celebrated world cultures, integrated core curriculum and emphasized principles of design providing the opportunity for students to learn about and appreciate art worldwide from the past to the present. My goal, as a teacher was to develop the artistic talents and creativity of children in a variety of multicultural styles broadening students' understanding and knowledge of art in all forms and exposed them to well-known work as well as obscure, rare or unusual art that would ordinarily be overlooked.

Teaching Philosophy - Shakespeare
I created and implemented a performing arts program celebrating William Shakespeare's comedies using age-appropriate, edited scripts while in full period costume. My goal was to encourage the students to perform in front of a crowd with ease and to appreciate Shakespeare's work. Students also participated in the creation of backdrops, scenery, and props.


Teaching Skill Summary

  • Created, implemented & taught award-winning, multi-cultural art program including fine art & multimedia projects
  • Art curriculum, planning & budget
  • Art show planning, coordination & setup
  • Core curriculum integration & principles of design
  • Created & taught Shakespeare program with annual student performances
  • Costume/prop design & creation, script editing & casting
  • Coordinated & directed practices & rehearsals
  • Fundraising, grant writing & volunteer coordination
  • Graphic support & web design

Teaching Portfolio