Understanding the Arts, a Multi-Cultural Program

Understanding the Arts Multicultural Program provided the opportunity for students to learn and appreciate art worldwide from the past to the present. It aimed to develop the artistic talents and creativity of children in a variety of mediums and multicultural styles. The program broadened the studentsí understanding and knowledge of art in all forms, exposing them to well-known work and to obscure, rare or unusual art that would ordinarily be overlooked. Numerous pieces were featured in an annual student art show, where each child received one award for one of their projects.

Project themes provided students the opportunity to interpret art from around the world, revealing the studentsí personal perception of themselves and world cultures. Students noticed a connection between art projects and classroom curriculum in subjects such as literature, geography, math, music, history and science. It was amazing to see studentsí artistic achievements as their imaginations come to life through a variety of mediums.


Portfolio grades PreK-6

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Performing Arts, Shakespeare for Children
A performing arts program celebrating William Shakespeare's comedies using age-appropriate, edited scripts while in full period costume. My goal was to encourage the students to perform in front of a crowd with ease and to appreciate Shakespeare's work. Students also participated in the creation of backdrops, scenery, and props. Costume design, pattern and creation are my originals.
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